I accidentally fried my EB3A

After half an hour of taking macro shots here are the chips I could identify:

  1. Southchip Semicon SC8802QDER
  3. Texas Instruments LM239
  4. Texas Instruments LM224
  5. B 56001 C06VCC
  6. NiRS 21N1D X144A2
  7. Holtek HT1621B (LCD driver)
  8. ACT08
  9. Magn Tek MT9222WT-50BR5

I’m leaving out the two ARM chips as they are obviously not MPPT controllers.

in short something strange found is
1)Bluetti over-voltage protection
2)You fix the EB3A yourself

Sorry to read about your accident. Have you asked Bluetti for service or a replacement? They have a warranty replacement plan for most of their devices.

I’m still chatting with Max from Bluetti support via email. I’m trying to get clarification on over-voltage protection on the EB3A. So far I’ve been offered a new EB3A for $209.

I would have thought over voltage protection on such an expensive product would be standard.
With the multitude of different voltages possible the odds of this happening is overwhelming.

62 volts was applied to the dc input charging port. Since this is considerably over the input voltage limit, I’m not sure why a warranty replacement would be appropriate.


That was definitely my reaction as well, especially with how easy and likely an over-voltage is. I was extremely surprised that such a low relative voltage caused terminal damage!

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I made the exact same mistake (60V DC into an EB3A - I was in a hurry / not thinking and connected the DC charger I use for my AC300). I requested service through the Bluetti app, describing exactly what I’d done. They said it was $100 to fix it, plus I pay for shipping to them (the $100 includes shipping back to me). I’m about to ship it off, so we’ll see how it goes.

I just paid for shipping my EB3A to Bluetti, it cost $31.85. Just think what it would cost to send the EP500/pro???

Don’t want to think about that, for sure! This has definitely given me something else odd and unexpected to add to my search criteria for battery banks, it’s not something I was expecting to be a potential issue until I ran into the forum here and these specific discussions!