EB70S Chest Freezer

The freezer is currently full of meat. Is there any other kind of test I could conduct to make sure it’s actually getting power. When it’s plugged in to the wall the little green light flickers showing it’s currently getting power when I plug it into my EB70 that light never comes on. The main reason I’m considering returning it is the representative on here kind of alluded that it might be under powered for my freezer.

He would also need a DC-AC portable inverter or the Bluetti D050s charge enhancer to car charge the EB150 or 240 since they don’t have built in 12v charging.

Or simply use an inverter attached the vehicle battery and use the included ac charging brick fir charging

Try this… do you have one of those 1 to 2 or 1 to 3 splitter plugs? If you do. Plug a splitter into thr Eb70s, then plug the freezer into one of them and another low power device (iPhone charger) into the other. Plug the freezer in, and check if the other device is powered on. If it is, then wait 2 hour. Check again. If the other device is still powered, then everything is good and the freezer is getting power.

If the freezer is over powering the EB70s, it will trip the AC output and the other device won’t have power. You need to check as you plug and again 2 hours later to make sure you get a compressor cycle in there.

If you don’t have a splitter you can tear that by using the other AC socket of the EB70s in the same way.

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There is a way to test your freezer as I detailed above. Turn the freezer off for 15 minutes. (Unplug) then start it using the Bluetti and let it run until the battery dies. Your meat or the inside temperature of the freezer is not going to change by being off for 15 minutes

OK thanks for the info. Ive done this and have verified the freezer does seem to work. It shows is pulling roughly 50 watts. Thats what it shows on the display at least. Also, it shows that number constantly. I thought It would come with the compressor cycle, and then go back to zero. Is that incorrect? Also, the power indicator light on the freezer still never comes on. Is there a reason for that?

Your freezer compressor will run constantly until the desired temperature is reached and then the freezer will lower its power draw. It may take many hours or 15 minutes depending on the freezer temp selection vs the actual internal temperature.

have no idea about the freezer light and when it is supposed to function and when it is not. I assume that the light does not come on regardless of the power source the freezer is plugged into. I would suggest reviewing your freezer manual to determine under what circumstances the “light” is supposed to be illuminated and determine if the freezer is functioning properly.

Just to confirm, are you verifying that your freezer does come on after waiting 15 minutes to restart as I suggested?

So after unplugging it like you suggested I plug it back in and left it alone. It never did that initial power surge, it just showed 0 watts. I checked it periodically and after about an hour and a half or so it showed that it about 47 48 watts on the Bluetti. The little green light never came on but I could hear something going on down there. It stayed that way for about 4 or 5 hour or so . I ran it until it almost ran out of power and plugged the freezer back into the wall for the night. My wife is concerned since the green power light isnt on that its not powering it properly. The manual is very vague. It just shows that its a power indicator.

I just had a thought. Would the green light not come on because it is a grounded plug, and obviously the Bluetti doesn’t ground?

I doubt it has anything to do with grounding or not. If you must, you can take a piece of wire and wrap it around the neutral and ground before plugging it in to see if it makes a difference (be very careful to make sure you don’t ground the hot leg).

If you plug it in and it drained the battery, then all indication is that it is working and used the battery energy to keep things cold. How long did it take to use your the battery and did the content remained frozen?

A small 100W freezer should be no issues at all for the EB70.

Well the battery wasn’t full when it started using power. I think I had about 80% left and it ran for about 4 or 5 hours. I’m sure it’s working just fine. I never did check inside to see to make sure the contents were still frozen. It’s a full freezer so I imagine it would take quite a while for stuff to thaw out. I’m conducting a similar test today and I will check to make sure things are frozen.

Based on your description, I am pretty sure it is working fine as it is drawing power. A volt and amp is a volt and amp, the freezer can’t tell it is is coming from the grid or the EB70.

If the freezer drained it from 80% down to almost 0% in 5hr then the average power use from the battery is around 120w (probably 90-100w used by the freezer after losses). You will want to make sure you charge it using a source with at least 150w of power as charging is only 80-90% efficient. Consider using a 300w inverter and plugging the 200w ac charger in while driving.