EB70 not working - no response from customer service

I got my EB70 and SP200 just last week and now the EB70 will not charge. I’ve tried charging with both the SP200 and from the wall socket, and in both occasions it gives me the short circuit message on the LCD monitor. I have emailed service@bluettipower.com and sale-uk@bluettipower.com and no response from them; and also tried their number which I can never get through. Can anyone help me out here? Much appreciated…

Has it ever charged?
What is the state of charge of the EB70?
Measure the voltage of the charge input to see what you get. Also try the charge charger to see if it works.

Yes it has charged before, twice. I don’t know the current state of charge in the EB70 now as it does not respond when I press the AC/DC button. I have already tried charging the charger from wall socket at home and it also gives me the ‘SHORT’ error code.

If the led doesn’t turn on, and it won’t charge, then I think you need to email customer service.

Hi @Tess,

Sorry for the inconvenience.
Pls provide a picture showing the short circuit to our customers service. And pls tell me your email.

Hi @Tess,

Thank you for your info.
We’ll reply to you soon, pls kindly note your email.

What was the resolution to this? Bluetti Admin, can you provide some details so others may benefit? Thanks!