EB70 doesnt charge from car port when battery gets empty

Hi community,

I have a bit of bothering issue, in which I thought to turn towards you to find a solution

I have purchased an EB70 like a half year ago, barely to power my RV digital-nomad life , living offgrid in a camper…

all has been working fluent until recently, until hard winter hit europe. and I mention this, as I am also suppliing my standing diesel heater’s little electric needs with the EB70.

And, as the heater had to be constantly on in the last weeks, many times it occured that the EB70 went completely empty, 0%

And, my problem is, that in this case, even if the car charger is plugged, and 100w energy flows to the EB70 for 2-3hours during driving, there is nothing that the EB70 picks up from this, it stays bare empty, I need a 220v power socket to recharge it… then, when I dont let it run till 0% the car charging works fine

is it normal, or it might be that my one has an issue?

or is there a possibility for any kind of firmware update or whatever to sort out this issue? because like this, its very problematic to live offgrid, and it seems I will need heating for the next 2 months , so the issue must be sorted

thanks a lot, and all bests


@NorbiPanMusic EB70 is connected to the car charger cable when the battery is 0%, but it doesn’t show the input wattage either, right?

You need to charge it with AC before you can use car charging properly. Try plugging it in again when the battery is at 0%.

Well, when the EB70 is at 0% and plugged in the car port,
it IS showing the input wattage (100w usually) !!!

but even after 1,5 hours of charging, when I remove the plug, it will still not show any level of charge, only the red battery sign is shining at the bottom…

@NorbiPanMusic Could you please press and hold three buttons at the same time to see the version.

@NorbiPanMusic From the picture to see the EB70 error report shows charging low temperature protection, can you try it in a warmer place to see if machine can work properly?

yes of course,

but could U tell me, if the version of the firmware is up to date, or if I can update it by myself?


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So, could U advice me if there is anything I can do to help this situation?


Norbi Pan Music <norbipanmusic@gmail.com> (időpont: 2023. febr. 17., P, 12:39) ezt írta:

@NorbiPanMusic The machine can be used normally after being placed in a suitable temperature place, and there is no more error reported, then there is no problem.
EB70 does not support APP, so you can not update the firmware in the client. The alarm of low temperature error can only be solved by the way I mentioned above.

Well but my oroginal problem and question was not about the cold protection,

But the fact that I cannot charge the unit from a car lighter-socket once its completely drawn,
and I wish to find a solution, as I have bought the EB70 for using it in the campervan, and like this its almost useless

Feel free to track back the forum topic, and Im very grateful for all ideas that can solve this problem

Thank U

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@NorbiPanMusic Does it charge via solar when “completely drawn”?? Im assuming you mean when the battery indicator reads 0%? First thing I would do is check to see if that charging port in your camper works for any other items and that a fuse hasnt blown or something for the cig port. Have you ever been able to charge with that specific cigarette plug to dc7909 adapter before? Just trying to figure out where the problem is stemming from.

Yes, when the battery shows 0% , after that the eb70 doesnt picking up the charge from the car socket

The socket is fine, and even the indicator level on the eb70 bounces between 0-100% but even after 2 hours of chargeing only the red battery stays on the bottom of the screen showing empty

Mike Briney via BLUETTI Community <notifications@bluetti.discoursemail.com> (időpont: 2023. febr. 21., K, 11:32) ezt írta:

Otherwise charging fine from the same car socket w d same cable, with around 100w

Norbi Pan Music <norbipanmusic@gmail.com> (időpont: 2023. febr. 21., K, 15:54) ezt írta:

@NorbiPanMusic Ok. I would say to “Cycle” the unit a couple time with AC charging. It sounds like your bms just needs to be calibrated. You can follow this video for reference…