EB55 is a good choice for me?

Hello i 'm new!!! from Italy i have a question below
hi, I would like to buy your EB55 model for my camper, I would like to connect it to the 220 socket of the camper passing through the inverter sockets. My load at full capacity considering 12v compressor fridge, truma diesel and led users and tv tv is about 120/150 watts.
What autonomy would your eb55 give me?
Another question, is it possible to connect 600 watt hairdryer? your inverter is 700 watts peaking at 1440 i think.
thank you so much if you help me I will buy it.
greetings simone

The hair dryer will function and will give you about 40 minutes or so run time. You should see 3-1/2 to 4 hours of run time with your other scenarios . Take your capacity of 500 watt hours and divide by the load in watts. (500 / Load) = hours of run time. Take 15 minutes or so off just to be on the safe side. Connecting to the AC power and then using your EB55 will work, but the charger will be on with the charger fan running constantly. You could charge with the car charger at about 75 watts input if your recharge needs are not high.

Check out the review I did on the EB55 recently below. I really like the product for its power vs size and weight. If you think you need more battery capacity the EB70 is very similar with additional capacity. If you think the capacity of these units will be exceeded then I would look at the AC200 Max to step up with a solid 12 volt high wattage connection, three times the AC inverter capacity and four times the battery capacity.

Thank you very much scoot benson your answer was very helpful and I think I am taking EB55 for economic reasons too. I forgot, on my van I have two 100ah batteries and the eb55 would be useful for me in the winter when the solar panel fails to charge properly. greetings soon simone