EB3A screen timeout is now 60s with new firmware

For a change of topic, this is a positive post :slight_smile:

I can confirm first-hand that in the EB3A’s latest firmware update, ARM v2057.09 and DSP v2056.10, the screen timeout has been increased from 30 seconds to 60 seconds. While minor, it’s something that had been bothering me. Thanks @BLUETTI!


I did not actually notice but now that you brought it up , yeah that is a much needed feature!

Good catch! I just checked mine and hit 60 seconds also. Sure wish there was a way these companies could allow a user to turn the display on and leave it on if they wish. :slight_smile:

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That was my direct feedback in my email to service@bluettipower.com last week; to offer a user setting in the app for the screen timeout including an always-on option.

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Hi @bxm6306 , thanks for your feedback!
The R&D department is solving the problems, and a new version will be released later.


Thanks for the confirmation!