EB3 series wont charge on AC when battery dead.

hi I have been running my cooler box off my EB3 series for about a month. I charge using solar usually. yesterday was overcast so the battery went dead. i tried charging with AC but no joy, the unit was dead, no display no charging nothing. Used solar today and got it charged to 0.2% then put on AC charge and it worked. Anyone had similar issues? Any tips on how to prevent this from happening again?

i think this is another normal feature they forgot to advertise.

Normally this is avoided by leafing some energy left in the battery. but if battery’s age the energy left in the battery gets less and the self discharge more, so it happens faster that the battery gets drained totally

can one set it to switch off and maintain a minimum amount of charge? if so where in the app

it’s always in “standby” and the BMS is always on

Hi @freddett
You cant really stop it from happening. Normally the powerstations have about 10% rest energy when its “empty”. The problem you may have is that the unit shut off at the time, but when you dont charge it after a short time, self consumption may also takes the last 10% of the battery too.

Try to not leave it for too long on 0%.


@freddett If it is less than 5%, there will be a low battery reminder. It is recommended that you charge it in time and avoid over-discharging.


So you confirm that it cant be charged via AC power if completely discharged?!

If discharged its basically Defective in the form its delivered unless you buy a extra solar panel?!

And You don’t think this should be mentioned in the Manual as well as in the Product page?!

@bernad Normally, to extend the battery life, we do not recommend completely discharging the battery. And yes, this should be mentioned in the manuals. I will give feedback to the relevant department. In addition, if this problem does occur and the customer cannot activate it through solar panel charging, please contact after-sales support and we will find a solution.

Another thing not mentioned in the manual and on also not on the product page

Hello @BLUETTI_CARE could you explain this in detail?

But on the other hand, you also wrote:

So, what is the correct way?
We should correct the SOC by fully discharge 2 times, but on the other hand, we should NOT do a full discharging, because we cant charge it again via AC when it is completely discharged?

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@SigiKa There is no conflict between over-discharging and full cycle of charge and discharge. full cycle of charge and discharge is to do a self-learning of the battery to correct the SOC, and this approach is not long-term and will not have a huge impact on the battery.

@BLUETTI_CARE thank you for the clarification.

I have the same problem. The power is off. Trying to charge AC for two hours already and still no luck. Will it be on whenever? What to do?

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You will need to charge with DC power, either with solar or off another 12V DC system. I am no expert but i think what is happening is that the AC inverter/transformer needs power to activate it. If there is no power left in the batteries then it cannot switch to AC chargeing mode.

As i said, i only needed a very small DC charge like 0.2% charge and then i could charge with AC power.