Does the AC200MAX have low temperature protection?

The original AC200 had this information displayed in a normal screen on the unit (Pre-App period). When the next model the AC200P came out it also had the same information available and after a certain qty of units were produced, the information became hidden. I suspect (my personal opinion) there was too much confusion over what acceptable temps were and it was creating customer issues. There was at the same time, issues with the sensors giving an accurate output which made the problem worse. So…if the information is not seen, there is no perception issue.

Thanks for the additional insight. It does make sense. Except dumbing down the APP down because somebody can’t handle it, making the rest of us suffer is a lame solution. There are better ways to bury the info in such a way that can be accessed by accident or inexperience people.
I just wish we had more information about what is going on with a pretty important piece of equipment…remotely…or even standing in front of the until. Like, history of PV and battery…preferably on the APP. Seems like a small thing to ask, with a big dividend for end user experience.

I totally agree. At this point we can’t even get firmware upgrade notes.