Charging when battery is at 100%

I would like to know how a fully charged EB70 handles input power from connected solar panel. I have a panel installed on my vehicle which I want to leave connected to the EB70 all the time. What will happen when the battery reaches a full charge and the panel is still sending power through the input line? Would this create a hazard of any kind?

Hi @ScottH

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It won’t hurt your EB70. Because it will automatically stop charging if it has been fully charged. But you need to remove and connect the cable if you want to recharge EB70 again.

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So you are saying if you leave the EB70 plugged into solar panel all the time, you will have to manually disconnect and reconnect them for it to begin charging after charge depletion if it ever hits 100% full? It just won’t start charging automatically once it discharged?

Solar panel plugged in
SOC 50% charging
SOC 100% stops charging
Now I a using it, so SOC drops to 80%
Will it start charging again by itself?

Hi @snowstorm,

Yes, you’d to disconnect and reconnect it to recharge the unit. It won’t start charging again by itself.