Cannot charge via solar anymore

I posted the order number. Last night I tested the cable it comes with, with a meter. The only real reading I can get is DC Volts off the solar set up. It was right down the middle of the minimum/maximum zone. Ohms, amps, I get nothing. It still wont charge off of solar. I have not tried running anything on it, since it’s at 59% charge, and the only method I have is wall charging. I have not seen anymore error codes, but then again, I have only hooked it up to solar to see if it would charge. I cleared the previous codes.

@bluetti_ulfmeyerummecom Please contact the CS department for warranty.

@Stevevvs I can’t refer to the CS department who is in charge according to the order number you have provided. Did you buy on the US website or the EU website?

US website. I logged in, and that was the order number it showed and the date purchased.

How do I message you?

I called, they should email soon on how to return it and get a new one. Thank you for all you have done, I appreciate it!

Same problem: 3 different panels, none can motivate my EB3A to start charging;
serial 2250004098864, ARM v2053,07 DSP v2052,07 APP does not react on upgrade-request.
Can you help, please?

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@psblue Please try to update the firmware to check if the problem can be solved.

As I said before, the APP does not load any updates. How else can I get a new firmware?

@psblue I’m sorry there is no firmware suitable for your case, please contact the support and ask for the warranty.