Bluetti Cancelling Orders?

I just placed an order for around $3K. I saw in another forum that orders are getting cancelled. Is this true? I’ve tried for the past two days to get someone on the phone but voicemail accounts appear to all be full. My order status hasn’t been updated.

I realize things sometimes take time but when I spend that amount of money I’d at least expect to have an estimated delivery date. Right now I feel like I may have made a mistake.

Can anyone confirm if orders are being cancelled or what a realistic wait time is?

Haven’t ordered anything directly from Bluetti recently but it would often take around 5 days before I got a shipping notice for in stock items. Don’t recall them supplying any other info before then.

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I’m having same issue. UNFULFILLED order and can’t get a hold of anyone to save my life. Can’t even leave a phone voicemail. I may just cancel my order through CC company. They had no problem charging my card.

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