Bluetti AC300 with wind turbine

Hi there,

I was wondering if through the regular solar charging port is to possible to connect a 500W wind turbine to the AC300?

Wind turbine 500W at maximum output = 48V AC at 10.41 amps to a rectifier (DC conversion) and then to the solar MC4 connectors (DC1 or DC2) Each of the two connectors is rated to 12-150V at max 12A. When looking at these specs it seems to me this should be working. The Solar panels never provide steady amps either on cloudy days, just like the windturbine would in gusty environment.

Is there something that I am missing?

I looked everywhere to see if anyone has hooked up a wind turbine to any Bluetti product and haven’t found anything.

Ecoflow does have a wind turbine hook-up provided.

Thanks for any pointers/answers.

Regarding the compatibility issue between the Wind Turbine and AC300, there has been a previous discussion on the forum. You can click on the following link to go directly to it: