bluetti Ac 180 display

the new function is great especially for small consumptions. this allows the battery to save or stay on

Loved the update, they updated it again and that feature is now gone and my display is permanently on! Please re-add this feature.

They updated what exactly? What version?

I noticed that too… @bluetti_mikepstuartgmailcom but it did come back after I logged out and then logged back into the app. So give that a shot.

@Skydog they updated the app version which now allows the user to customize the screen timeout for the AC180 unit. The version is

I’ll give it a try. I am hoping that will fix it as I was thrilled when they added the screen timeout setting.

Reinstalled the app and it’s back, yay!

@m.briney Thank you, but I was asking about the version that caused the problem. You’ll see my thanks to Bluetti in another post above. I don’t want to break what has been functioning fine. :wink: