Best Panels and array config for AC300

Looking at how far I have to run the solar wire from my panels to the batteries (150) foot, I am worried about not only the loss, but with the wire gauge. The solar wire calculator I used said that even an 8 gauge wire was too small in this set up. The calculator showed I would need a 1 gauge wire for that long of run. Using my (5) 12 volt / 200 watt solar panel setup. Which would be 1000 watts with 121.5 volts & 9.8 amps. So using 24 volt panels instead, according to the wire calculator, I could get by with 8 gauge wire I think, even though they say 7 ga. The 24 volt panels are also 200 watts with 5.36 amps each & 45.4 volts each. My MAX has a limit of 145 volts. Anyone ever ran that long of cable run?

I have around 135-150ft of cable run so as not to damage it with mowing/weedeating. I am using the standard 10AWG solar cabling and have no issues. The only reason I can see needing a larger gauge would be if you are pushing more but with your setup the standard 10AWG would be fine and the 8AWG that you have is more than enough. At least that is what my research has said to me.

Thanks so much for the info. Just talking with someone who is actually using that much wire & what their results are beats a some of the research one does & finds 10 different answers. Thanks again

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With the AC200MAX, I was reading that if you use the DC enhancer from Bluetti - that unit allows you to hook up 500 watts of solar panels to it. Then you can hook the enhancer unit into the AC port of the MAX, which would give you 1400 watts total. Has anyone did this? I know I would be at at 121.5 volts input at the normal DC solar input. Is there a limit of volts etc. in the AC input?? I have written Bluetti, but no answer yet.

I am doing exactly that. I have a DC enhancer connected to the AC input. It allows an additional 500W of PV input. The enhancer is limited to 60V and 10A on the input side and delivers a regulated DC voltage into the AC200Max. I am using it all up with my roof panels and it does indeed deliver 500W when the sun is out. A nice addition to the 900W PV input and improves charging drastically.

Thanks for the info!
I am using (5) 200-watt Rich solar panels on my DC / 900-watt input & works great.
Rich makes the 100-watt panels of the same style also, so would like to stay with the same brand.
The Rich 100-watt panel specs are:
22.1 Voc each, which puts five of them at 110.5 volts
short circuit current is 5.93 amps each
maximum power current is 5.49 amps each

I would wire the 5 panels in series

Would 5 of these Rich panels work in my AC input of the max with the DC enhancer?

I would love to say that would work but unfortunately that is pushing WAY too much Voltage for the DC enhancer, see stats below. If you put three of them in series it takes your voltage to 66.3V, which you shouldn’t technically reach but might be a bit too high for the charge controller and it might throw an error at you when you have good sun. If you were to put any of them in parallel it would increase your amperage by the number you have in parallel, two would be 11Amps three would be 16.5Amps, and that would cause your charge controller to throttle back the wattage input and thus degrade what you can put into the system. Using the 100W panels it looks like yoru best bet will either be two in series or three in series, depending on how adventurous you feel with the voltage. Please let me know if this makes sense or if more explanation is needed.

Charge Enhancer
Voltage: 12-60V
Max Amp: 10Amp

Hello & thanks
It looks like I need to stay with my (5) 200 watt panels on my 900 watt DC side wired in series & like you said, (2) 100 watt panels, wired in series on the 500 watt AC input.

what panels are you using to get that 1400 watt input? brand & size & model?

I am using Trina Solar 255W panels, (bought used ones on ebay). I am over-paneling a bit…
On the main 900W input I am running a 3S2P configuration and for the 500W enhancer 2 panels in series. Total of 8 panels.

So using two of the 100 watt panels would be 44.2 volt (under the 60 max for the enhancer) - but I would be at 10.98 amps, which is .98 over the max (10 amps) for the enhancer. Is it possible that the little bit over in amps there will bring my whole system down?

I think if I just use another Rich 200 watt panel to go to the enhancer, it would work better for me.
Voltage would be 24.3 & amps would be 9.80
Better than two 100 watt units which push me over a bit.

Over amperage is not an issue. The enhancer will limit the current to max 10A even if you have more available from the panels. The unit is more sensitive to over voltage, which could fault the unit and potentially cause damage.

Going over amerage, while it wont damage the equipment, will drastically limit your wattage input. Yes, over voltage will throw and error and shut things down. Going over amperage can cut your input easily by 25% if not more because it will throttle things back to the appropriate amperage.

Going over amp should not reduce your wattage, in fact, it is often a tactic applied to get better charge rates in less than perfect conditions (not high noon on a perfectly sunny and cold day). I suppose you won’t get the sum of the name plate wattage from your panels, but in practical terms, going over amp by say 30% is totally OK as most panels only get about 75% on a good day. For 100% rated output, you will need tropical sun with artic temps.

I over amp my system by 50% and enjoy a broad power peak across much of the day.


Put 2 of those Rich 200 watt panels in series. You’ll have 48.6 volts, which is within specs, and you be able to get 400 watts in through the enhancer.

what about the amps?
Will that work? Can’t remember the max on the enhancer

The amps are limited by the MPPT controller, so you don’t have to worry about having too many on your panels. Actually, over paneling is specifically having more current available than the max allowed so that there are more amps available to charge during less-than-ideal solar conditions. As long as you can get as close as possible to the max input voltage without going over you will be good.

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Thanks again for your valuable input.
Say, I was just researching more information.
I am grounding my solar array with a ground rod, deep into the ground & tying it with a heavy copper ground wire.
Then the wires of course head to the Bluetti Max.
Do I need any kind of surge protection between my panels & the max?
Just ran across some info on that & had not heard about it.

My arrays (I have the AC300, so I’m making 2 solar arrays) will also be grounded, but I don’t currently have anything planned for surge protection and haven’t really looked into that. I will have a 20-amp circuit breaker on each and those will function as disconnect switches as well. The picture shows what I ordered for that. The breakers are specifically for DC circuits, and that is important to handle arcing when interrupting DC current.

Screenshot 2022-04-01 134446