Avoid Bluetti, they are nothing more than thieves

Just one person’s experience with Bluetti, and how I suggest you avoid them. I ordered the AC300 package back in 2021-09, Bluetti missed both their original ship date and their updated ship date. By the time they shipped the components to me, I was already on the road and they had to be re shipped at my expense to my location. Although there was no shipping damage as many had described, one of my four batteries had no electronics installed. Panel with holes where buttons, screen, etc should. A blatant lack of quality control. But still I was willing to trek on , I contacted Bluetti, sent them photos and they would not send me a new battery until I sent the damaged one back. So, another month?, three months, more until I get a fully working system? I told them to take it all back. It has been 8 months since Bluetti has had my $7000, it has been two months they have had their equipment back, and yet I am still out $7000 and 8 months and counting of interest. Take this into account if you deal with Bluetti. Good luck.

Sorry about your difficulties. Mine took quite a while to arrive, and reasons were well understood for that. My system is currently working quite well, and was worth the wait.

Maybe you’re still in time to get everything from the credit card opening a complaint . After than there is a fixed tome to get your money back