Affects of Micro Cycles

Anyone know the affect on the battery capacity of what I would term Micro Cycles? What I am referring to is when I have a load running off my AC200Max while charging from the charging brick. The charging brick charges the 200Max to 100% and then stops charging, capacity then drops to 99% and the brick then charges back up to 100% , this will repeat indefinitely if I allow it. Is there any ill affect on the battery capacity over time? Thank you

I had the same question myself because I use the AC200Max on a daily basis and the battery goes through multiple micro cycles. I did some searches and it appears as though the impact is nominal. LFP Battery - Competa Solar Energy – The smart way to power your home
I had another link I found a week or so ago and cannot find it again. If I find it again, I’ll post it here.

Here’s a good post from another user. Maximizing Battery Life - #5 by recycle