AC300, generated pv electricity is wrong

@bluetti_wernerconradsconradsengineeringcom Thanks for your feedback.

I am experiencing the same problem with my AC300 it only records about half of the solar generation on the app. Will the correction be issued to all on the next firmware update?

@bluetti_lansfieldbtopenworldcom Currently the firmware is not released to all machince. Please provied me with the SN and the firmware version of your AC300, then we will sent the sofatware update for you.

Thanks for the quick reply details as requested.
Serial Number SN: AC300214800007400
Communication Board SN: IoT2137000118895
IoT V9014.12
ARM V9037.05
DSP V4036.07
BMS V1014.10

@bluetti_lansfieldbtopenworldcom Thank you for your information, please check the new software update.

Hi, I have checked for new software using the app and all versions are stated as current. I made a typo error with the ARM reference, it should have read V4037.05. I await your further advice.

@bluetti_lansfieldbtopenworldcom After checking, we notice that the SN you have provided is wrong, please provide me with the correct SN.

Sorry my typo error, I missed a 0 off the end of the number. Full SN AC3002148000074000.
Many thanks.

@bluetti_lansfieldbtopenworldcom Thank you. The software update will be sent in 6 hrs.

Many thanks, software update received and installed. Recorded PV generation now appears more accurate.

@bluetti_lansfieldbtopenworldcom Thanks for your update.


Jul 14

I am experiencing the same problem with my AC300 it looks like recording not even a half of the solar generation on the app.
My SN AC3002237000099864
Communication board SN IoT2235000283851

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Hi Bluetti Care team,
is there an official launch date planed?
Please can you provide me the update for my two AC300?

ARM V4037.05

ARM V4037.05

Many thanks!

@BLUETTI - any news?

@slowdiver @Marcin I’m sorry that I saw this till now. The firmware will be pushed in 6 hrs.

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