AC200P High overhead usage drops by 10% overnight with nothing on

That was less than 80% usable even though Bluetti claims ac200 capacity is actually more than 1700wh.

I feel certain the battery is at least 1700wh. It’s just that the overhead on that powerful 2000w inverter as well as all the other electronics and cooling system takes a chunk of it, as expected. That plus the AC200 holds on to a reserve of an additional 10% in order to help keep the unit from draining down to “true” zero by accident (inactive long-term parasitic), which could permanently damage or kill the battery. I do wish that companies could advertise usable wh’s, but there are just too many variables such as load, ambient temperature, etc.

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You are right. I thought about those factors too later. 80% efficiency is a respectable number.

Just saw the following video.

Ac200p has 1800wh usable capacity. That is 400wh more than ac200. If you are one of the ac200 backers, you can get one ac200p with the same price you paid for your ac200. If you need an extra one, that sounds a good deal to me.

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Hey Roger.
Where do I go to purchase the ac200p for the same price of the AC200 I purchased during the Indie backer program?

BTW, that new 500 is really something. Thanks for posting that vid.

Thanks again,


Message Mark Yue from Bluetti.

There are some requirements and there is an expiration date. I do not know if it is expired already.

Thanks Roger!

Will check with him.

Hi, I just receive my AC200P this November 2021. This unit does not display individual battery voltage nor temperature. I plan to use the unit for its AC outputs, and notice the high overhead, like 3% per hour with AC On and nothing plug into the unit. Is it a faulty item?

Understand it’s a rather old post but just wondering have you heard anything back from Bluetti support. If so, what is their side of story?

No, Seems like the overhead is a big high to run the inverter.

There was a post quite a while back that stated the overhead of the AC200P was about 30 watts with the AC and DC sections on without the fan running. 30/2000wh is about 1.5% so it’s a bit high but in the ball park. Do you hear the fans running? If so, the overhead is more like 40-50 watts.

Here is another post related to the topics here:

“How do I know If my AC200P is draining at a normal speed?” - Events / Announcements - BLUETTI Community

  • AC ON+ DC ON: 1.5-2.0% charge lost per hour, 36~48% per day.
  • [Correction] Power On, AC OFF+DC OFF: 0.4-0.7% charge lost per hour, 9.5~16.8% per day.

Thanks Ben. Were you able to get a replacement from Bluetti for your AC200P? If so, does the new unit perform well as expected?

I gave up a sold mine. It’s a nice unit for higher draw applications, but for low draw applications it drained too fast. You had to have so much input to keep it from dropping charge.

I am plaguing with some ep500 I got on the campaign there. Have not done any discharge tests yet

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That seems like an abnormally high draw. 1.5-2% is about 30-40W with AC and DC on. Typically, an inverter would draw 0.5-1% of its max power, so that’s ~20W at the high end. I guess the DC regulation would also draw some, but given that it is max 120W or so, it should only draw a maybe 1-2 watts. I am surprised it would draw 8-14W even at complete idle. But if you add those two up at the upper end, 20W AC inverter, 2W DC regulation, 14W idle unit draw, then it does add up to 30-40W. That is unfortunate…

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Actually, I saw significant draw even with ac and dc off

When took the very last photos during the testing (57% at 7:25PM), I did hear the fans running and BMS shown the same 53.0V but current increased from 1.1A to 1.2A, about 0.1A or 5.3W difference. The fans only ran for probably 8-10 seconds then stopped.

Hello Mark,
When ECO mode is enabled with you AC200 (non-P), does the machine get shut down completely (both green button and blue touchscreen went off)?

I just receive my AC200P this November 2021 (different from non-P). With ECO mode enabled, the machine only changed the AC setting from ON to OFF after 4 hours to cut the powers on AC plugs, but both green button and blue touch screen stay on for the rest of the night.

Thanks Mark and just saw your prior post. Looks like AC200 (non-P) will shutdown completely after 24 hours.

My AC200P (different from non-P) only change the AC setting from ON to OFF after 4 hours with ECO mode enabled. The green button and blue touchscreen remains on.