AC200max shows wrong watt (+90 !) in AC output

I have a Bluetti AC200MAX power station and the app said that the firmware had an upgrade. I tried doing it and it comes up with a BMS communication error #34. The orginal firmware has been wiped out and now states its version 0.00. The battery is listed as standby and the battery percentage reads 0% (was 71% before trying upgrade). To me there is a bug in the upgrade. I would settle for any version that allows me to run my unit.
Thank you
Larry Moore

Good evening. My SN is 2241000702773. Can you send me the latest update please of how can i check if I have the latest one? Thank you. Jan

Hi @jan1 , welcome to community!
What is the specific problem with your AC200MAX please? Does the machine report any errors?
There is no need to update to the latest firmware if it works properly.