Ac200max firmware update

I’m confused about the BMS versions. The app says the latest is 1010.08. This thread shows a number above that, at 1017.02.

Was the BMS firmware rolled back from 1017 to 1010, or is 1010.08 actually more advanced than the 1017.02, even though the 1017.02 is the higher number?

Should 1017.xx be available for all AC200max users?

Hi @jCs

The BMS Version might not be the same for all users due different manufacture dates.


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It seems the AC200Max app has a new firmware upgrade now with the recent app update (on iOS anyways). It is DSP v4005.08.

Anyone know what this upgrade does?

The upgrade is reflected in the following:

  1. When the PV charging cable is unplugged again, the PV charging power will increase significantly.
  2. When PV charging, the DC input icon on the display will show “car charging", and the DC input source on the setting page will automatically switch to “Others”.
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Thank you for the reply. I just updated my DSP successfully. Took about 40 seconds.

Was there any progress on reducing fan noise on AC200MAX? My AC200MAX is either silent or too loud I would much prefer a constant lower fan speed to keep the temperature in check. If the fan was on all the time at low RPM it wouldn’t have so much heat build up and need to then spin up so much and be so loud.

Sorry, currently no firmware can improve the performance of the AC200MAX fan. The fan will start normally as long as the discharge power reaches a certain value.

If I replaced the fans would it void my warranty? I think if I used higher quality fans with a lower noise level it would help a lot. Do the fans unplug or are they soldered in place? Are they 2 pin or 3 pin?

Hi @Sideeffect
It is not recommended for users to replace the fan themselves. The interior of AC200MAX is quite complex, and it has a wireless charging module on top. If customers open the top without paying attention, it is easy to damage the wireless charging module.

I tried the firmware update DSP v4005.08, but got stuck at 94%. The update failed with a “communication error”. The power LED remained lit - the fan also remained at maximum. After I switched the AC200Max off and on again, the fan switched off and the AC200max seems to be working properly. However, the update failed.
I wonder if I should skip the update.

@pengeha DSP v4005.08 improves the problem of MPPT adaptive processing. You can upgrade according to your needs.

I didn’t realize that I needed to be watching for updates on my AC200max. I haven’t done any that I am aware of. here is a pic of my prod. info page. Do I need to do some updating? if yes, how do I do that? thank you

@nwlady If your machine works fine, you don’t need to upgrade. If you want to update, you can connect with Bluetooth and update it.

Any chance this latest DSP software will address the issues of waking the b230 battery in the morning when solar kicks in?

@bluetti_garyschultegmailcom I’m sorry it doesn’t.