AC200MAX and Charge Enhancer weird issue


I have a weird issue here when using the Charge Enhancer and at the same time using the 12V cig.adapter.

I’ve got the Charge Enhancer connected to a 24V/10A source (12-24 step up converter). It works great if I only have this connected and I get around 200-220W of charge, but if I connect another 12V cig.adapter to the aviation port, things get weird.

With both Charge Enhancer and 12V aviation port connected at the same time, the Charge Enhancer goes crazy and steps up to 400W+ charging and blows the 30A fuse protecting the 12-24 step up converter.

From what I understand, the Charge Enhancer is 10A max, but for some reason it starts pulling 15A+ in this scenario.

Check out the image, explaining the same scenario in a more visual way.

Anyone got an explanation or theory of how/why this happens?

I can add some info to what happens if I swap places of the connections.

Only using Charge Enhancer with 12V:
Charge Enhancer with 12V = 100W of charging.

Using Charge Enhancer with 12V and aviation with 24V:
Charge Enhancer with 12V = 140W of charging.
Aviation with 24V = 190-200W of charging.

In this scenario, the Charge Enhancer once again steps up from 100 to 140W while using both connections at the same time.

Anyone tried dual charging the AC200MAX via 12V ciggs?