AC180 Power Mode

I just received my AC180. Looks good. There is no mention in the AC180 manual, but, the B80 manual shows it can be hooked up with a “Power Bank”cable to an AC180 or an EB3a. Bluetti does not show this cable in the Accessories section. How do I buy one? Also, can I use a B230 or B300 in the same manner with the same cable?

The cable is not available yet. No timeframe on availability yet.

@bluetti_jnjtenngmailcom Please click on the following threads to learn more

While interesting information, I think the issue is that the cable is not available for purchase to enable what is advertised in the link attached.

After confirming with the relevant sales staff, this cable is in stock and can be purchased :smile:

I already purchased (5) AC60’s with (8) B80 expansion batteries. When Bluetti came out with the AC180 and advertised that one B80 expansion battery could also be used in power bank mode to expand its capacity, I decided to purchase (4) AC180’s as well! Now here I am waiting for a $100 cable, without a commitment from Bluetti as to when, or even if it will ever be made available, along with the (4) P090D to DC7909 cables that I also purchased after calling the Bluetti customer “Help” line! Nice going Bluetti!

I ordered the P090D to DC7909 cable. The P090D is the incorrect connector for the B80.
Talked with Tech Support, waiting for an answer.
TS had quite a reaction when they read the B80 Owners Manual with me about Power Bank charging.

@bluetti_jnjtenngmailcom P090D to DC7909 cable is only for AC180 connected to B230/B300, not compatible with B80.

AC180 connects to the B80 battery pack and requires an aviation plug to DC7909 cable.
Currently the sales staff says this cable is still in transit and I will let you all know once it arrives.

I stand by my earlier statement.

Scott, you are exactly correct. Unfortunately I drank the kool-aid and bought the P060 cable. Waiting for Bluetti to agree to paying for return shipping.

Cable required has arrived in Australia and is available to order online, so hopefully also available in your country.