AC charging on one circuit is tripping GFCI breakers on other circuits

I have a question for you regarding tripping the breakers. How are you running your EP 500? Are you using it to power items using extension cabls plugged into the AC ports on the front of the 500? Or do you have your 500 plugged into a transfer switch to power your whole house or at least some of the circuits in your house, via the AC ports on the front of the unit

Charging solely using the supplied cord (and, I guess, now the replacement cord with swapped polarity on neutral and hot) and discharging only by plugging in to the front of it.

I am not tied to the house in any way to supply power to a circuit. The EP500 operates as a standalone power source for my fridge when the power goes out.

Is this the email address you used to voice your issues: ?

I had a similar issue and it was resolved through that email. I had to do a lot of the trouble shooting myself but with the help of pictures provided by the company. The replacement unit I have now is working fine.
Let me give you some advice for when they replace the unit… Try not to cut the plastic straps that are holding the new unit on to the half pallet. If you do not damage these, you can use it to repack your unit when you send it back.

When using combination breakers and you have 2 circuits in one junction box, plug box etc, the neutrals should not be common.
Seperate and your problem should be a solved

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Felton, I should get around to replacing the GFCI breakers and test before proceeding. Otherwise, the unit does work fine. It does charge after it trips those breakers, does provide the power I need, and does hold a charge nicely for months.

Hogman00, unsure to what you refer. I have tested the phenomenon of 2 GFCI circuits tripping that are on entirely different circuits than the one I am using for charging. I tried multiple non-GFCI circuits to see if one would NOT trip the GFCI circuits and they all did. I am not using a UPS box or control box of any kind to directly connect to the house wiring.