110v Outlet Grounding

Why are the ground ports oval on the 110v outlets? Are the outlets grounded?

No they are not grounded the same as portable gasoline generators are not grounded. They operate off of a floating ground. To be grounded they would have to be connected from a ground wire on the unit through a wire connected to a large stake driven into the ground.

I’m looking for a home backup power solution, one that would function much like a ups but have the capacity to power appliances. Don’t like the idea of my refrigerator or freezer running without being connected to a ground. Was hoping this unit utilized the ground plug in a standard 110v outlet to ground powered devices.

Scott Benson posted this a coupe of months ago, it might be helpful. I’m having my electrical panel upgraded this spring and they are going to install a transfer switch to use my AC200/200P as a emergency backup for my house. I live in a small house so the load won’t be that great.

Click on the blue link

If I were using the transfer switch inlet socket exclusively for the AC200, I would install it in a location that was inside the home of inside the garage. This way it can easily be accessed during storms and the AC200 can stay protected and accessible. My inlet panel was on the outside of my home and I did not want to use a transfer switch for a few circuits and limit myself with what I could power. So…I did not have a choice but to install the inlet on the outside wall of my home and run a cord to a protected area. If your home has an indoor circuit breaker panel, the ideal location would to install the inlet socket and transfer switch close to your panel.

So how do we do this safely? Where is the ground wire on the Bluetti AC200?

There is no ground wire. The ground in the unit is bonded to the neutral connection. I would suggest you contact Bluetti with details on the grounding issue.

That doesn’t sound like a floating neutral. Are you sure about this? My unit shows no continuity between neutral and ground. Or is there an internal ground that is not connected to the AC outlets?
Note that this is still new to me so I will happily stand to be corrected. My knowledge here is close to zero.

You are correct the neutral is not bonded to the ground. There is no ground connection from the AC outlets.

According to Code here, the neutral is only grounded at the main panel ONLY. No other outlet or subpanel where the neutral is bonded to ground is not allowed. Safety issue.

I am assuming/expecting in an RV, the neutral bar and ground are bonded, but no where else. Pluging in AC200MAX and/or generator should be no issue.

I expect there could be a safety issue, if the 30 amp plug wiring was reverse. On my unit, it is wired correctly. If you have an older unit, test it with ohm meter. If reverse, get it fixed.

I had a chance to use my ac200max on my RV trailer, plugging it into the RV 30 amp plug. Worked just as I expected. Had no issue to run the Air conditioner (Initial start was about 1700 watt and settle around 1200 watts.). Running the fan only draws about 200 watts.

We also tested on our SAECO coffee machine (uses the same wattages as the Air condition). Great when getting up very early for fishing/hiking trips, no generator needed (we also use Honda Generator as needed), no distrubance of fellow campers. Good coffee is a must for us, eh!

We have 3 x 400 watt solar panels, but not setup yet on the trailer. From what we see from our usages, we will need 1200 watt solar that will take care of a long use of Bluetti and not have to have a large battery bank. (currently have 3 x 100 amp Lifepo4)

We still planning on doing DIY Solar setup for the trailer. For now Bluetti works and it will be a backup unit for other projects we have planned.